Important COVID-19 Updates

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SILC meetings will be held remotely, via computer or phone, using the ZOOM platform until further notice. All SILC meetings are open to the general public, and anyone may attend these meetings either by logging on from your computer, or calling in to the number provided. Log-in and call-in information is provided below.

Reminder: If you need accommodations to participate in a SILC Zoom meeting, you must provide at least 3 weeks notice of the accommodation you need to the SILC Executive Director, Dawn Francis, by e-mailing your request to

Upcoming Dates / Times / Locations

PLEASE NOTE! All SILC Meetings will be held via the ZOOM meeting platform until further notice. Below is the ZOOM link as well as the phone number if you prefer to call in:

Join Zoom Meeting

OR Join Via Phone:

312-626-6799 * Meeting ID: 982 989 8013

  • Thursday, May 6, 2021 (Officer Elections) – ZOOM Meeting – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Thursday, September 2, 2021 – ZOOM Meeting – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Thursday, December 2, 2021 (Annual Meeting) – ZOOM Meeting – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Proposed SILC Meeting Schedule Changes – DRAFT 3-11-21

Currently the Council has four quarterly meetings a year, and due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have been meeting ONLINE via the ZOOM platform. However, the Council will be considering changes to their Meeting Schedule and Agenda at the May 2021 meeting. The following meeting schedule is being proposed for CURRENTLY DURING COVID as well as a schedule for POST-COVID when it is safe enough to meet in-person again. Here are highlights of the proposed new meeting schedule:

CURRENTLY DURING COVID – Zoom Meetings and NO in-person meetings, as follows:

  • 6 meetings per year via the ZOOM platform.
  • Meetings will be 3 hours each, from 10 am to 1 pm, with a 15 minute break halfway through.
  • Meetings will occur on the FIRST THURSDAY in the months of October, December, February, April, June, and August.
  • Council training at meetings will be provided twice a year at the February and August meetings, with 1.50 hours allocated in February and 1.25 hours allocated in August.

POST-COVID – Once Council approves meeting in-person, as follows:

  • 6 Meetings per year, 4 via Zoom online and 2 in-person meetings.
  • 4 Zoom meetings will be same time and schedule as during Covid, 10-1 (3 hours), and held in the months of December, February, June, and August.
  • 2 in-person meetings held in October and April.
  • OCTOBER will be an in-person ANNUAL TWO-DAY SILC RETREAT on Thursday-Friday, with a 3 hour business meeting and the rest of the time spent in team building and other trainings.
  • APRIL will be a full day in-person meeting from 10 – 3

PLEASE NOTE: The Council will need to determine WHEN they feel it is safe to have the October and April in-person meetings. Some options they will consider are as follows:

Deciding on WHEN to start in-person meetings – What are the OPTIONS?:

OPTION 1: Once the Council approves this new meeting schedule, the first upcoming in-person meeting date would be October 7-8, 2021, which is THIS October (remember, October in-person meetings will be an annual two-day SILC Retreat for the SILC business meeting and SILC Council Member team building and training. That may be too soon to have an in-person meeting.

OPTION 2: The next in-person meeting date would be April 7, 2022. This may be a safer and more realistic option.

OPTION 3: The next in-person meeting date would be October 6-7, 2022 (SILC two-day RETREAT).

The NEW Schedule, when approved by the Council, will begin with the OCTOBER 2021 Meeting for the 2021-2022 federal fiscal year (10-1-21 to 9-30/22) as follows:

Calendar of Proposed SILC Meeting Dates for 2021-2022

  • Thursday, October 7, 2021 * 10 am to 1 pm – Start New Council Meeting Schedule
    OR In-Person Two-Day SILC Retreat, Thursday 10/7/21 (12-4:30) and Friday, 10/8/21 (9 -4)
  • Thursday, December 2, 2021 * 10 am to 1 pm
  • Thursday, February 3, 2022 * 10 am to 1 pm
  • Thursday, April 7, 2022 * 10 am to 1 pm OR In-Person Meeting from 10 am to 3 pm
  • Thursday, June 2, 2022 * 10 am to 1 pm
  • Thursday, August 4, 2022 * 10 am to 1 pm

New Council Members are generally appointed by the Governor sometime in July. Newly appointed members would be expected to attend their FIRST meeting in September of 2021, which is still on the old schedule, and then again in October of 2021 which is when the new proposed schedule would begin. Here are the dates for those two meetings:

  • Thursday, September 2nd from 10 am to 1 pm via the online ZOOM platform.
  • Thursday, October 7th from 10 am to 1 pm via the online ZOOM platform OR, if the Council decides to start in-person meetings, this would be the annual 2-Day SILC Retreat from Thursday, October 7th at NOON through Friday, October 8th at 4:00 pm.

When the SILC resumes in-person meetings, those SILC meetings are usually held at:

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS) offices
Knutsen Room
510 E. 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319

Accommodation Requests

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to attend a SILC Meeting and are in need of any type of accommodation to attend the meeting, you must contact the SILC Executive Director, Dawn Francis, at least three weeks prior to the meeting to request the needed accommodation. This is especially important if an individual would need a sign-language interpreter or CART, as the people providing those services are often booked far in advance. The SILC will only be able to provide accommodations if requested at least 3 weeks in advance of the meeting where it is needed.

Picture Description: SILC Council Members receiving Outstanding Leadership Awards 2018.

Meeting Details

All SILC Meetings are open to the general public.

There are Council Meetings four times a year, generally on the first Thursday in the months of March, May, September, and December. The meetings generally run from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.

All meetings may finish earlier than the stated ending time if the SILC finishes the business for that meeting prior to the stated ending time.

The May, September, and December meetings are typically in person; however, for now they are ZOOM meetings from 10 am to 2 pm, until further notice. The March meeting is always a ZOOM meeting from 10 am to 2 pm.

From time to time there may be a need to change the SILC meeting date and/or time, and that will be posted here on the website, so please check the website, or e-mail/call Dawn Francis, SILC Executive Director, at or via her cell phone at 515-480-3027, to verify the date/time/location of an upcoming SILC meeting.

Meeting Agendas

SILC Meeting Agendas are available upon request prior to each SILC meeting. Please contact if you would like a copy of the Agenda for the next upcoming meeting.

Meeting Minutes

SILC Meeting Minutes are available upon request after the Minutes have been approved by the SILC Council at the meeting following the one that the Minutes are for. For example, Minutes from the March meeting would be approved at the May meeting, so the March minutes would be available after the May meeting. Please contact if you would like a copy of the approved Minutes.

We Would Like To Hear From You!

The SILC meets at least four times a year. Meetings are open to the public and public comment is welcome. For meeting dates, locations, agendas, or minutes, or if you or someone you know is interested in serving on the SILC, please e-mail Dawn Francis, SILC Executive Director, at Information on meeting dates, times, and locations can also be found on this website under “About the SILC”.