CM – Graves

Kris Graves

Voting Member, Iowa City

Kris Graves Headshot

Kris Graves is employed as a Mental Health Peer Support Specialist at the Abbe Warm Line, where she has put her own struggles with a mental health diagnosis to good use to help others to overcome their own struggles. On the Warm Line, everyone on staff has struggled with a mental health diagnosis, and Kris says it’s helpful that the peers know what services are like. “It’s good, because you don’t feel so alone. I want to help de-stigmatize mental health. Thinking about suicide isn’t a stupid decision. It’s not a selfish decision. You’re not alone.”

Kris is a very active disability rights advocate. In addition to serving on the SILC, she also serves as the Secretary on the Iowa Olmstead Consumer Task Force, and was involved in planning and moderating sessions for the 2021 Seeking Opportunities for an Advocacy Revolution (SOAR) Regional Conference.

Kris resides in Iowa City, and is currently looking for a new apartment, and plans to adopt a new cat.