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Garret Frey

Voting Member, Cedar Rapids

Garret Frey Headshot

Garret Frey (he/him/his) lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  He describes himself as a 39 year old quadriplegic and ventilator dependent individual that became paralyzed due to a motorcycle accident at the age of 4.   He has been living with a disability for over 34 years.  Garret says he relies on the care of his mother and other caregivers on a 24/7 basis, and gives all credit to those over the years for helping him become the person who he is today.

He is a co-author of “As I Am, A True Story of Adaptation to Physical Disability”; and Illustrator of “Benny and the Butterfly, A Story About Feeling Different”.  Garret is a motivational speaker, a community and disability advocate, and has a United States Supreme Court Case (Garret F. vs. Cedar Rapids School District, 1999) Case No. 96-1999.

His hope is to gain experience and knowledge to be able to advocate to ensure that caregivers and people with disabilities have access and equity, and to help build a movement for all, including networking at the national level. Caregivers and people with disabilities deserve to have quality of life, be respected, and live with dignity. Garret states he is very excited and ready to become a game changer and policy maker!