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Reagan Crabtree

Voting Member, Clive

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Reagan Crabtree is a Junior at Iowa State University, majoring in Liberal Studies. Born in Syracruse, New York, she and her family moved to Des Moines about 16 years ago. She graduated from Valley High School in Des Moines. She is also a news junkie and has several well-known national news anchors following her on social media. Reagan is well-connected on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Reagan shares that she was born with dyspraxia, which is NOT autism but is on the Spectrum. Dyspraxia causes issues with movement, coordination, judgment, processing, memory, and some other cognitive skills. She could not speak a full sentence until she was 9 years old. Countless people assumed she was deaf and/or intellectually disabled — which was the furthest thing from the truth. Reagan knows what it is like to grow up not being “normal.”

Becoming a SILC member fits into her career of advocating for and creating awareness of dyspraxia. She has already started her career by advocating on several TV and radio interviews. She is passionate about her mission and is soaking up anything and everything she can to help get the word out.