Currently Accepting Applications

The Iowa Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC) has multiple Council Member openings (as of 8/11/22). We invite interested Iowans to apply to the Council. Previous board experience is not required. Support and training on your role is provided.

Other things to know:

  • The SILC must have at least 51% of its members who are individuals with disabilities and do not work for a State Agency or a Center for Independent Living.
  • The SILC is consumer-controlled. People with disabilities are the people who make the decisions as to how the SILC operates.
  • There are a total of 13 Council Members, with 10 being voting members and 3 being ex-officio non-voting members.
  • Young adults with a disability (18-30) are highly encouraged to apply.

Who should apply?

  • People who care about working on independent living issues. To simplify, people passionate about listening to disabled people and honoring their personal choices.
  • Council members must have time to attend six Council Meetings and participate on one committee every 6-8 weeks. Right now these meetings are all virtual.
  • Expect to spend around 50 hours a year on council member duties.

Who selects Council Members?

  • These are volunteer positions that are appointed by the Governor.

How To Apply

Please go to the State of Iowa’s Talent Bank website to apply online to be considered for Governor-appointment to the SILC.

If you encounter any problems with using the Iowa Talent Bank website, please contact the Iowa SILC Executive Director.

Council Member Travel Expense Reimbursement

For those Council Members who live more than an hour from in person meeting locations, the SILC can provide a hotel room the night before the in-person meetings, and the SILC will reimburse for mileage and a dinner meal to travel to the meeting location the day before the council meeting. Free breakfast is provided at the hotel. For all council members, the SILC will reimburse for mileage to attend the meeting, the SILC will provide lunch at the council meeting, and will provide reimbursement for the salary, meal, and hotel for a Personal Assistant (PA) if one is needed. All reimbursements are subject to the State allowable rates, and the rates set by the SILC Council.

Accessibility/Accommodation Requests

All SILC Council Meetings are accessible, and council members will be provided with accessible documents and interpreters as needed and requested. Reasonable accommodations are available. It is the responsibility of each council member to inform the SILC Executive Director of any accommodations they need, and to work with her to get those accommodations put into place.